Akyug Homemade Buffalo Ghee

AKYUG Farms Buffalo Ghee is made from pure buffalo milk. Our Buffalos are grazed in far remote villages close to the forest. They graze in the open field naturally and eat natural grass and leaves and give superior quality milk which is thick and creamy. Buffalos are maintained hygienically. They give the best quality milk from which superior quality ghee is made.

We follow the traditional ghee making process to make pure and authentic ghee. Full cream whole buffalo milk is set to curd overnight. Set curd is churned in Desi Earthen pot using bilona method to separate butter from the curd. Separated butter is washed and melted into ghee by our experts who can make Delicious Ghee. In the process, we also add some herbs to enhance the nutritional value of the ghee.

Available packaging Sizes: 200 ml, 500 ml, 1 Lit and 16.5 Lit


👉Strengthens The Body

👉Brightens The Skin

👉Retains Bone Strength

👉No Artificial Growth Hormones

👉No Antibiotics