Akyug kesar Mango Pulp & Akyug Alphanso Mango Pulp

 Indulge in the Sweet Symphony of Mango Pulp! 🥭

Kesar mango pulp is a delicious and aromatic product made from the pulp of Kesar mangoes, a variety known for its rich, sweet flavor and vibrant orange color. It’s commonly used as an ingredient in various culinary preparations such as desserts, smoothies, ice creams, beverages, sauces, and even savory dishes in some cuisines. Kesar mango pulp retains the natural sweetness and distinct taste of the Kesar mango, making it a popular choice for adding flavor to dishes or enjoying on its own. It’s often available canned or packaged for convenience and can be found in specialty stores or online.

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Alphonso mango pulp is derived from the Alphonso variety of mangoes, which are renowned for their intense sweetness, rich flavor, and smooth texture. Alphonso mangoes, often called the “king of mangoes,” are primarily grown in the Indian state of Maharashtra and are highly prized for their exceptional taste and aroma.

The pulp extracted from Alphonso mangoes is used in various culinary applications, similar to Kesar mango pulp. It’s commonly used to make desserts like mango ice cream, mango pudding, or mango mousse. Additionally, it’s utilized in beverages such as mango lassi or mango smoothies, and it can also be incorporated into savory dishes, sauces, and marinades for a tropical twist.

Alphonso mango pulp is typically available in canned or packaged form, making it convenient to use year-round, regardless of the mango season. Its vibrant color and distinct flavor make it a popular choice among mango enthusiasts and chefs alike.