Akyug A2 Gir Cow Ghee

Our Akyug A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee is made using curd. Just 1 liter of Akyug A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee prepared using the Vedic Bilona method requires 32-35 liters of Gir cows’ A2 milk. Not only this, but the maintenance of our Gir Cows also comes at a cost, especially their fodder.

We provide Desi Gir Cow A2 Ghee that are pure to the highest standards as the cows are fed grass or nutritional fodder & many seasonal vegetables keep them hale, hearty, happy & healthy. It’s not at all expensive if you consider the top-notch process we use and the high quality of our milk! A2 Gir Cow Ghee is World Healthyest Ghee Ever. This Ghee is Sourced From Happy Cattle & Pure A2 Cow Milk, Process with Hand – Bilona Method ( Inspired By Ayurveda ).

Available packaging Size: 200 ml, 500 ml, 1 Lit, and 16.5 Lit


👉Improve Immunity

👉Helps In Good Calories Intake.

👉Treats Skin Aliments

👉Increase Fertility & naturally Improve Reproductive Power.

👉Balance Vaat & Pitta Dosha.

👉Kindles Digestive Fire

👉Improves Bone Development